Lifestyle Stop Rewarding Yourself for Doing Tricks

Stop Rewarding Yourself for Doing Tricks

Stop Rewarding Yourself for Doing Tricks

Do you punish yourself with exercise just so you can eat junk food?

Focusing on “burning calories” so you can eat certain foods or worse, burn off calories when you overeat. For example, “I burned 500 calories today, so I can have myself a pint of Halo Top!”

I know this cycle all too well, personally and professionally.

Yeah, I said personally.

You probably think coaches have it made, all of their struggles are in the past and now it’s just bliss, every single day. Well, I have news for you, that’s not the case, coaches are human too.

Honesty time, I’m a binge eater. When night time comes around, it’s on!

I still suffer from episodes of binge eating junk food and then punish myself with exercise to “burn” those calories away.

I don’t mean working out harder, I mean punishing myself through burning calories. But mostly I punish myself in my mind. I berate myself and think “Why can’t you just stop?!”

Here’s the thing, I’m creating more suffering by focusing on the suffering. By thinking those thoughts to and about myself, I am creating an environment in my mind that is focusing on the wrong thing.

I’m focusing on the problem. Scratch that, I am obsessing on the problem instead of a solution.

What I’ve learned (and still currently working through) is to be kind to myself. To tell myself it’s okay, while also changing my habits at the same time.

It’s not enough just to “be kind” to yourself. You actually need to make the changes. Change is challenging enough, make it easier on yourself, and do it with a positive mindset!

I’ve learned having a positive mindset works to drive life change.

And the key to making it permanent?


Consistency in your thoughts, actions, and outlook on the future.

Instead of punishing yourself, make one small change, and celebrate it at the end of the day.

Then tomorrow, one other small change. Habit stacking, it’s a thing and it works!

Before you know it, three weeks later, you’ve made 21 changes that will help you step into the identity you really want to emulate.

You’re worth it. Your family is worth it. You deserve it!

Go make it happen!

Are you stuck in this cycle? If so, what have you done to change it?

Abbie Curtis Fit

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