Wellness Ways to Stay Motivated

I’m sure everyone assumes because I am a trainer that I stay motivated 24/7 and eat super clean all day every day!

motivation station

The truth is, I lack motivation some days and also have a constant craving for red wine and mac and cheese, but i neverrrrr cave (wink wink ;). Just like anyone else i have to push myself day in and day out to keep motivated. Some days you have to really dig down deep and push yourself!!

Here are my 6 top tips to stay motivated:

1.SET GOALS – set HIGH goals for yourself. I read all this crap about setting small goals so you’re not disappointed and they’re easily reached. I say screw that and aim HIGH and make it happen!

2.HAVE A PLAN – you would never show up to a work meeting with out being prepared, right? The gym shouldn’t be any different. Have a plan. Go to the gym (or workout at home) knowing what you’ll be doing in advance.  Winging it leads to lack of motivation and feeling overwhelmed, which can lead to throwing in the towel.

3.ACCOUNTABILITY – have some type of accountability. This is HUGE! Whether it’s an app, a trainer, a friend… something or someone that will hold you accountable will help keep you on track!

4.KNOW YOUR WHY – honestly think about it: why do you want to be healthy and fit? Why do you want to hit the gym and build strength? It’s not just to look good, it’s deeper than that! figure out the reason and remember it every single day when you wake up.

5.GRAB A BUDDY – working out with a friend is a lot of fun and gives that extra push of motivation!

6.KEEP IT EXCITING – I always recommend trying new things. With that being said, I like to stick to a very regimented program on a daily basis then switch it up by going to a fun boxing class or spinning class with a friend on the weekend or a heated yoga class with “The Club” on Tuesdays. Fitness is fun and crucial for living your best life so the sooner you can see it as fun and not a chore the better off you will be !!! 😉

What do you think?