Trainers Why Small Group Training Means Big Wins for Everyone!

What does the term group training make you imagine? 

Why Small Group Training Means Big Wins for Everyone!

For some it’s the idea of 30 PLUS people crammed into a space all fighting for attention, vying for the front spaces so that they can best see and be seen by a coach that cannot physically give anyone of them the attention they deserve to get the most out of the session.

With others it conjures up images of Crossfit, martial arts or Military/Bootcamp style groups where it feels like a very aggressive, often unreachable target for someone starting out.

Or perhaps it’s an image of a social based meet up, not really an active bunch, but more people who get together because they are playing at “being healthy” and “working out” even though the pace and effort (doesn’t break a sweat) could leave a lot to be desired. And after the session theres the post session coffees and pastries… now if thats for you, why not just join a coffee morning group…

Imagine if you are starting your fitness journey and attend a large class session: With little motivation (due to the size and capacity), no time for adjustments (that are needed to prevent injury) from the coach and plenty of space for new people to hide. A large group session is an accident waiting to happen and without giving you the results you desire.

Or perhaps you already hold a decent level of fitness and want a further challenge, but the class is so vast that everyones treated the same regardless of ability, it’s easy to see why you may be put off by a disguised PTA coffee meet up, less advanced / non challenging session, that holds engagement above progression.

And if you happen upon a box or dojo where people are kicking a** and taking names for fun, well unless you are at that level it can be a very intimidating experience all round – the thoughts of “maybe one day”, or “no chance ever!” may just creep in…

Whatever your perceptions of group training, it’s easy to see why some people struggle to ever get involved.

So If you don’t want to train alone, groups aren’t always a viable option… or are they ?

These are the exact reasons why I created Small Group Training!

With dedicated small group personal training (maximum 4-6 people), each individual gets exactly what they need from the PT/Coach, whether it be adjustment on form, encouragement, accountability, scaling up/down, beginner/advanced, individual pace setting or measuring specifically for you without the cost of 1 on 1 Coaching. A small group PT session gets you the results you desire, the attention you need and at a fraction of the cost – everything you need to progress.

Each group is designed around a theme/target: muscle build, fat loss, strength etc. All participants are able to compete at their own levels against themselves and others if they wish too, each challenge is achievable but hard for the individual and a part of an elite individual formula specifically designed for you to progress and grow.

Our unique formula allows each individual to get maximum results, the group become stronger together in a fun, social session. Everyone in the team shares the common goal of working to be  the best version of themselves, a healthy competition ensures that the overriding reason for the sessions remains fitness goal progression.

Whilst the wins are obvious for the group members: getting fitter, in a safer, fun and challenging way, etc, the wins for the coach are also huge, we get to see the progression first hand, are able to encourage and assist our clients through their challenges when they really need it, not just when they ask for help after struggling for most of the class, and most importantly we know that they are performing the exercises safely and with correct form to the best of their abilities as they cant hide – so less injuries, less downtime more engagement, adherence and infinitly more gains.

So if you are looking for a fun, engaging, challenging and rewarding way to increase your fitness fast – then small group training could well be a great solution for you.

To find out about our small group training solutions and how you can get involved, contact us!

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