Nutrition Shoot The Scales Now

Scales are stupid, YES STUPID! So stupid they cannot differentiate what’s muscle, what’s fat, what’s just fluids, therefore, relying on a scale to measure your weight loss is unreliable.

Shoot The Scales Now

Hydration levels have a huge influence in the number you see in the scale

Our hydration levels fluctuate at different times of the day. Remember how sodium makes you retain water? Well this can lead to a spike in “weight”.

Glycogen also has a huge influence as well

Think of it as your “energy tank” packed with accumulated carbs. This energy tank has weight (more than 1lb) and packs 2-4 pounds of water weight which will fluctuate during the day if you don’t ingest enough carbs. All of these factors play a huge card on the scale.

How about for those who are weight training? Muscle is more dense than fat, therefore if you’re gaining muscle, you will be gaining “weight” on a scale!

Scales can have a negative effect on us

It can make us obsessed creating even a sense of disappointment that can lead to quitting.

Take measurements, progress pictures, or my favorite taking a dress or jean size you want to fit in and every two weeks see how it’s fitting you! It’s effective and more encouraging!

What do you think?