Exercise Out Of Shape, Busy Dad

New Dad? Do not fall into one of these categories!

Out of shape, busy Dad

When you stop consistently hitting the gym you fall into one of two categories:

  • You get chunky
  • You get scrawny

This is true for every guy out there, not only for a new dad

Neither of these are ideal or a good look for anyone. Before our daughter was born I lifted 5-7 days a week for 1-2 hours per workouts. After our daughter was born, in the first 3 months I went to the gym a total of 5 times for about 45 minutes per workout. I lost a total of 15lbs, not to mention strength and endurance in the gym. This was due to obvious lack of gym time but also lack of sleep and nutrition.

Eat & sleep

So much of your energy is going towards your little bundle of joy that it is easy to forget to feed yourself. There were time periods that I didn’t eat or sleep for well over 24hrs. This has a lot to do with the initial shock and adrenaline rush from welcoming your baby into the world. But if you don’t want to lose those gains you’ve got to eat! Also, sleep when the baby sleeps. When she naps, you nap. It’s very obvious things you have to do, but very important.

If Mommy not happy, nobody is happy

Dad, once you feel like you’ve sacrificed all you have, go ahead and dig a little deeper to sacrifice more. Your lady just sacrificed her body for 9 months to deliver your big headed baby. Not to mention, her post pregnancy body that she has to work to get back to where she wants it. As a father to a new born, your lady’s happiness should be 1st on your list. And what makes her happy is you being home helping out with house work, cooking, changing diapers, making bottles, etc. Unfortunately, going to the to get away 6 days a week for 2 hours at a time will not make her happy. Plus you should want to be home spending time with your little miracle child.

Changing my expectations

Prior to being a Dad, I expected to be able to go to the gym everyday as I normal did. I didn’t realize how much my wife needed me around, not to mention how tired I was all the time. After being thrown into the madness of parenthood I kind of gave up working out all together (I’m an all or nothing type of guy). However, that did not last for long… After all working out has been a part of my lifestyle for years and I was not the same without it! Keep reading and I will tell you the solution I found to keep mommy, baby and my body happy.

Utilize gym day care

Most gyms offer daycare as an add on to your membership. If your gym does, use it! This will allow you and your lady to go together, which crushes the notion that you just want to go to the gym to get away from her and the baby (believe it or not women really think like that).

The solution

3 full body workouts a week in under an hour.

I use to do a traditional split workout separating every muscle for every day. There is a time and place for lifting like that but efficiency and time management become the sharpest tools in the shed once you step over that line into parenthood. But lifting 3 times a week for under an hour? What in the world will I gain from that? Believe it or not there are some huge benefits to it!

The benefit

It’s obvious that time is a huge benefit to this method, but also what about physically? Although you are working each muscle less per workout, you are working each muscle more often per week. A traditional split you work each muscle to shreds but only one day a week. Working every muscle a little 3 times a week brings a whole new dynamic to your body. Plus you stay looking fuller with a pump all over your body throughout the entire week. Now that I’ve tried this new method, I’m a fan of it! I will plan to cycle this method into my lifting regiment in years to come even after our little baby girl is grown up and independent (although I’m not looking forward to my little baby girl growing up).

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