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Remember Your Why

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to start their fitness journey. Whether it’s to lose 20 lbs or look better in a bikini, it is the reason you started your journey to begin with!

Just like with anything new, working out can be exciting, and envisioning a healthier version of yourself can be the motivation to get you started.

While these goals and aspirations are the stepping stones to leading a healthy life, they may be challenged at times.

Working in the fitness industry, I have noticed that often times people will begin exercising and will hyper focus on how to get the “fastest” results and lose sight of the reason they originally started.

If you lose sight of your reason for beginning, what will be the thing to push you to the finish line? There will be days when exercising is the last thing on your radar. You may feel unmotivated and uninspired at times. However, this is when dedication needs to take action.

You need to be dedicated to your why.

Why did you decide it was time to begin your fitness journey?

What past actions made you realize you wanted to change your lifestyle?

Why did you decide it was time to do better for yourself?

Ask yourself these questions on the days your body feels glued to the bed – on the days you feel like giving up! Your why will be what gets you past that finish line. It will be the reason you adjust your schedule to make time to work on YOU.

Always remember that you will never know how far you can go if you give up. The most challenging tasks are the most rewarding in the end. Remember your why and stay dedicated.

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