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Online Personal Trainer

Benefits of hiring an Online Personal Trainer versus a physical one!

So, you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer. But maybe due to scheduling conflicts or lack of motivation upfront or post pandemic scares or whatever the reasoning is, you are still a bit uneasy about stepping back into the gym.

Well, I have good news for you!

You can still hire a personal trainer to guide you through your new gym routine without the actual gym.

Hire an Online/Virtual personal trainer!

Usually, the way online training works is either you buy a program, download an app, and follow along. And hope you’re administering proper form and technique throughout each exercise. The app is designed to do all the thinking and program design for you so you don’t have to spend hours on YouTube everyday cherry picking the exercises you think you might want to do to achieve your goal body.

The second way it usually works is really no different than walking into a physical gym and saying, “I need a personal trainer please.” Then the front desk sets you up with Mr. Universe to help you with proper form and inform you of all your eating habits and so on and so forth.

But with an online trainer, you choose your trainer, you have a free consultation video call with them so you can get to know them and vice versa, and then they can set up a training program for you. Then you set a date and time to video chat again for your first session. They walk you through each exercise that’s expected and then watch you as you perform each exercise to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

Here are just a few benefits of hiring an Online Personal Trainer versus a physical one.

1. Bang For Your Buck

Usually, online training is a bit cheaper in comparison to live training mainly because there is no overhead. You hire the trainer directly. They can train you wherever and whenever they want as opposed to having to drive to the gym and back to meet with you.

Since most online trainers aren’t working for a gym itself, there is no rent and no crazy upfront costs to buy all of the equipment. When you see trainers in person, you probably won’t see them more than twice a week because it becomes costly every time they need to head to the gym. And if you have a question for them, you’ll have to wait until the next session to ask them.

With online trainers, most of them like myself offers a 24/7 text support and would be happy to work with you more than twice a week if you can afford it.

2. Accountability

When you work with a trainer in person, in a gym, you are limited to that timeslot you scheduled with them. So that leaves the rest of the week until your next session to try to force yourself to stay accountable and not have that piece of cake. Whereas, with an online trainer, you know that he/she can message you at ANY point in time between your sessions to make sure you are still driving towards a better you!

3. Custom Exercise Programming

Even like I mentioned above about you purchasing a program and following along, that is still better than trying to figure it out all on your own. Personal Trainers go through a lot of schooling to be able to recognize weak points in your form or posture or eating habits to be able to customize a program for you that is going to benefit YOU, hence the name PERSONAL training.

So even if you are not comfortable with someone watching you while you work out, a good online trainer would be able to fully customize a workout progression program for YOU every week or every month. You would be able to message them immediately after your workout with questions or concerns for necessary adaptions to the next phase. It is always helpful to know what kind of equipment you have at home to use so the trainer can tailor it accordingly. Even if you do not have any dumbbells or anything, bodyweight exercises can still be a killer workout if done correctly! Or just get a set of resistance bands for a couple of dollars and watch the magic unfold as your trainer shows you how much can be done with just a set of bands!

So, who should hire an Online Trainer?

1. Limited time to work out
2. Lacks accountability
3. Can’t afford to hire a physical one more than one day a week
4. Stuck in a rut with trying to figure out which workouts benefit you and which ones are wasting your time
5. Introverts who are not a fan of crowds or sharing equipment
6. Needs motivation more than one session a week
7. If you travel for work, you can still have your trainer work you out in your hotel room

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