Exercise Proper Technique over Lbs

Why form and proper technique for the beginner are much more important then heavy lbs.

Proper Technique over Lbs

Go in any commercial gym and what do you see? Members lifting tons of heavy weights, and only about 5% of those people are using proper form.

The most common weight training injuries are related to poor exercise technique. Proper execution in weight training is important in order to reduce chances of injury and gain maximum results. Incorrect technique can pull, rip or wrench any muscle in the human body. It can also tear delicate connective tissues in a matter of seconds. Lack of control when using barbells or dumbbells can be lethal especially when a beginner starts training.

Proper Technique over Lbs

When someone starts to build muscles, it is important to keep proper form so that tissues move in the right direction and grow correctly. There are men that have slightly deformed muscles — crooked shoulders — in gyms around the world, partly due to bad form where the muscles adapt to the incorrect movement and grow accordingly. Execute the brief pointers below to help insure proper weight training technique.

Start with a lower weight and make sure that the form is perfect. Progressively increase the weight until you can still press the weight without cheating. Jerking the weight will only result in potential injuries and bad muscle formation.

Bodybuilders often cheat to really burn the muscle for complete exhaustion. It is not recommended for casual trainers to cheat, therefore respect the integrity of the exercise and drop the last rep if it cannot be completed with good form. Learn how to miss a rep safely; learn when to bail out (without worrying about your ego).

Too many times, at a bench press for example, guys arch their backs to press the weight in the final rep. Instead of cheating with the back, ask someone to give you a spot. A good spotter will give you the extra confidence to complete the last repetition with excellent form. Learning how to perform the exercise is a prerequisite.

Strive to become a technical perfectionist and respect the basic motion of each body part. No twisting, turning or contorting should result when pushing or pulling weight. Concentrate on the movement and feel the muscle working. If you’re distracted, preoccupied or nonchalant when working out, you’re inviting injury and poor results. A regular training program should last 45 to 60 minutes.

Therefore, focus on the task at hand and increase awareness of your muscle growth. It’s simple; more concentration equates to more effective muscle reaction, and more muscle reaction equals to more muscle growth.

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