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I want to enlighten you to an awareness that I recently welcomed into my reality. That is:

‘What you think and feel is out of your control…’

Seems pretty obvious right?

But what if I also told you that your actions are 100% within your control, and therefore whatever happens regardless of how you feel, is 100% a product of how you act.  Im stating the obvious today because far too often we say we fall victim to our own bad choices, that lead us down a dark path.

Falling off the wagon will happen every single time you allow how you feel to affect how you act.  What I want you to realize is how much power you have over your actions.  Falling off the wagon will stop NOW!!

We need to adult a lot these days.

I use the term adulting a lot, because we often have to do things that we don’t want to, because that is part of “being a grown up”.  It also helps to label things! Its not as if we are strangers to getting on with a task, big day, meeting etc despite feeling tired, stressed, or unmotivated.  So why then, do we let ourselves down when it comes to personal goals.  Particularly our meal prep plans. Grabbing something not on plan and then letting that cascade out of control, all because we haven’t prepped.

To realize the power of our actions means to have a sense of control – now isn’t that what you feel you’ve lost when you “fall off the wagon?” You chose to do that.  So, lets stop the chit chat and get down to business.

I want you over this next week simply to be aware of your ability to make these choices to act.  Thats it.  I hope that you come back and tell me that somehow getting on with it felt easier, oh and somehow your pants feel tighter.

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