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Personal Training

In my job, I get to talking with a lot of other coaches, both business and fitness. We talk about everything from money to motivation to clients.

Every now and again we get to talking about our interactions with our clients, how to better motivate them and encourage them to pursue their goals, as well as the ones that we lost and weren’t able to help.

Any time I bring this up, even with someone that’s not a coach, I always get told to not take it so personally. And you know what I say?

Stop that.

It’s called personal training for a reason.

This isn’t just personal for you, it’s personal for me too. Your goals are my goals. My only goal is to make sure you succeed and to provide you with the knowledge and support to get you to where you want to be.

I don’t think of myself as a fitness trainer, I think of myself as an educator. My aim is to educate my clients and empower them with the knowledge to take control of their own lives. I spend much of my own time passing my knowledge on to others so that they can learn from my years of experience.

So this makes it especially hard when someone misses their sessions or leaves training altogether. Obviously, things happen in life that are unavoidable, but you can either be a victim to them, or you can take control of them.

This training that you do, it’s not for me, it’s not for your doctor, it’s not for your family. It’s for you.

You’re doing this because you’re worthy enough to take care of yourself. It’s your fitness. Your health. And your life.

Your motivations and your drive must come from within. External motivations won’t last and can always be taken away from you.

So it’s up to you to make time for your training. It isn’t something that happens when it’s convenient. It happens because you make it happen!

Do I take it too personally?


But if I didn’t I wouldn’t be being true to my clients. Because my personal motivations are in seeing you succeed.

“With drive and a bit of talent, you can move mountains. I know. I’ve done it” – Dwayne Johnson

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