Trainers Personal Trainers – Is image important?

I read something today that got my back up, about Personal Trainers who should be in great shape, as they are supposed role models to their clients.

Personal Trainers - Is image important?

Ok, let’s go:

I lose count on the amount of times people ask me about my lifestyle. What do I eat, how often do I train, do I drink alcohol, do i sleep & if so, how many hours… I’ll not begin to state some of the awkward questions I’ve got asked – too much information!
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As much as I love my job, it is deemed ‘necessary’ that, as personal trainers and fitness professionals, we ought to be role models, perfect gods and goddesses of all things health & fitness. Our Facebook profiles should apparently be littered with naked selfies, and filtered pics of chicken & broccoli. Is this actually real?
We are REAL people with real lives outside of the gym… imagine that! (*insert rolling eyes)

I love what I do daily, I really, really do! I love helping people. I’ve stopped measuring my success on how much money I’m making, but rather on how many people’s lives I’m changing… but it’s so hard. It is hard to stand in front of a client who is busting their ass to drop body fat, when you’ve just scoffed a pizza the night before and somehow still demand the right to tell them to work harder. The hypocrisy of it all!

On a personal level, I have no middle ground!

I’m either eating pizza, and Ben&Jerry’s in my sweats, or consuming protein shakes, chicken fillets and training like an Olympic athlete. The middle ground is non-existent! It is a personal battle that I’m still struggling with, but I’m REAL because I’m saying it!

As a health & fitness coach, my job role is specifically designed to provide people with insight and knowledge on training and nutrition. I am real with my clients. I don’t bullshit my way into making false promises for sales. I don’t promote fad diets, quick fixes, or guarantee transformations. I want the best from them and they will have the best from me. It’s as simple as that.
I’m a great believer in the power of hard work, and whilst I indulge in the sweet things in life, I too, train hard. I am competitive, and I sure as hell don’t like to lose. Sport was and still is at the forefront of my life & therefore I’ll always have a want to succeed where others will not.

Choose personal trainers on their knowledge and results, rather than their profile picture.

What do you think?