Exercise 6 Reasons Why You’re Not Building Muscle

Not seeing the lean mass gains you’ve been working so hard for? Here are 6 reasons why you’re not building muscle:

1. You’re Not Eating Enough. Mainly Carbs and Protein.  

To consistently build muscle, you need to ensure you are in a Calorie Surplus i.e. Consuming more Calories than you expend.

Protein is the source we need to ensure we have sufficient supply of in regular intervals and enough per meal daily to assist growth. Carbs play the role of fueling your training sessions and prevent the loss of muscle tissue.

6 Why's You’re Not Building Muscle

 2. You’re Not Training Muscle Groups Frequently Enough

It’s not enough for most people to only hit a muscle group once a week.  Instead, try hitting a group twice a week, and for lagging body parts, maybe more.

3. You’re Not Progressing Your Weights

The absolute key to building muscle, is to make sure that your are consistently pushing the numbers up on your lifts.

So, if you do Barbell Bench Press 3×10 with 60 kg – the following week;  Push it up to 62.5 kg. Only a small increment, but that will eventually increase over a period of time.

4.  You’re lifting with Ego, Not Intention.

If you don’t hit the muscle effectively, it won’t grow. The exercises you choose to complete your sets with need to stimulate the muscle sufficiently in terms of weight and volume.

Rather than move the weight from A to B – Focus on keeping the muscles under tension by squeezing and controlling the eccentric portion of the lift all the way though. If the weight is too heavy and you’re not feeling the muscles you’re training, drop the damn weight.

 5. Your Training Intensity Sucks

Building muscle is a painful process, it takes lots of effort. Taking too long between rest periods and playing on your phone will hinder your gains and prevent you from progressing. Make sure you sessions are as productive as possible. Put the phone away and stop chatting to the girls.

6.  Consistency & Dedication

This is the be all and end all. If you’re not in gym regularly enough or skipping sessions (mainly leg day)  you’re not going to get much further. Consistency is where you need to start before anything else.

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