Wellness My 5 Rules for Living a Phenomenal Life

My 5 Rules for Living a Phenomenal Life

My 5 Rules for Living a Phenomenal Life

A Blueprint for Success

They say that rules are made to be broken, but rather than breaking the rules, I’m here to discuss the possibility of living by rules that are expansive and empowering.

As I dove deeper into improving myself through personal development over the last several years, I’ve discovered patterns for success that have allowed me to produce results in all areas of my life – this has become my blueprint for success. The journey of personal growth can sometimes be overwhelming. Today I’m going to share My 5 Rules for Living a Phenomenal Life. These are rules that don’t need breaking because they are a blueprint for success to help us break barriers instead.

The first and most significant rule is:

1. Mindset

The reason why mindset matters is because we can work harder, longer, make all the sacrifices we want, but if our mind isn’t aligned with what we want we will always continue to produce the results that we currently have in our life. What we think or believe causes our emotions, our emotions then cause our actions (or inaction) which then cause our results (or lack of). This is why mindset is everything. The more we improve our mindset, the more we’ll improve our life. What we think and do is what creates our life.

2. Never Take Advice From Someone Who Does Not Have What You Want

The reason for this is because if someone has not yet achieved what it is they wish to achieve (or what you wish to achieve), then they simply only know how to not achieve what it is that they want. Their experience and their knowledge is based off what they know from what they’ve experienced – how can you have experience from something you’ve never done? Needless to say, advice typically comes with good intentions, but good intentions do not promise a phenomenal life. Seek out people who have what you want and ask them how they achieved it. Reject anything that is not aligned with what you want. As I mentioned earlier, we’re not here to break rules – we’re here to break barriers.

3. Only Focus on What You Want and Forget the Rest

If we focus on what we don’t have then we will bring more of ‘what we don’t have’ into our life. Law of Attraction 101 – like attracts like, there’s no bias. What we focus on, or what we think about, is what will show up in our life one way or another. Where focus goes, energy flows. When we focus on what we want, we will naturally begin to take the actions towards that in our life. When we focus on what we don’t want, we spend our time avoiding what it is we don’t want, rather than going in the direction of what we do want.

4. Take Action

Being intentional and choosing what action would make the biggest impact is a game-changer, and taking efficient action over plenty of action will make the biggest impact. If we’re striving to be the next best version of ourselves or to achieve something we’ve never achieved before, then we will end up taking action that we’ve never taken before – because new action means new results. As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Imagine yourself where you want to be or having achieved what it is you want to achieve and look back – ask yourself, what action did I take to get here? This reason why this question is so powerful is because we can only connect the dots backwards. Future pacing ourself like this is incredibly powerful as it begins to close the gap between the future and where we’re presently at.

In regards to taking action, would you rather try and fail or fail to try? Remember: when we take an action that does not get us the result we want and we try again, we’re not starting from the beginning, we’re starting from experience. Failure is feedback. It’s simply informing us that that is not the method or the way to achieve what it is you want to achieve.

My fifth and final rule is:

5. Gratitude and Acknowledgements

When we focus on and express gratitude for what we have, it will grow and expand because we are focused on what is present, not what is missing. It also acknowledges where we’ve come from in our life and gives trust to the foundation that we’ve built in our life from the experience we have. Acknowledging yourself for how far you’ve come is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. The fact is, you have made it through 100% of the bad days and challenges in your life. You are the evidence that you are resilient, more than anyone else could ever tell you. You are physical, words are not – physical evidence is what creates reality – you are creating your reality.

In life, we sometimes forget what we’ve done because we become overly focused on what’s missing, or what’s next – this can fuel an experience of scarcity of ‘never having enough’. Looking within, rather than looking for external validation, will tell you more about yourself than anyone else could ever tell you.

The beautiful thing about My 5 Rules for Living a Phenomenal life is that it all begins with you. Your mindset, your beliefs, your desires, your focus, your gratitude and your acknowledgements. At the end of the day, the secret to living a phenomenal life is truly about you and how you choose to show up for yourself and the path you choose to create. Deciding what you want and creating the structures to the get there is what will cause your success to be inevitable.

Kehla G

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