Exercise Muscle Building Hack for a Wider Back

One muscle building hack for getting stuck in door frames everywhere you go!

How to Build a Wider Back - One Muscle Building Hack

Having a big, wide, barn-door back immediately establishes an appearance of power, strength and authority that stands out in the crowd. It also helps to create that aesthetic, attractive v-taper look we all strive for.

That’s why today I want to share with you how to build a wider back with my one muscle building hack; it’s super easy to implement, but will make a world of difference in your back gains. So if you really want to know how to build a wider back, you need to read this article…

Chest Vs. Back

If you’ve already seen my article on “the bench press mistake killing your gains”, this is going to seem familiar to you, as it is a very similar muscle building hack you can use.

If you think of the function of your chest and your back, they perform very similar things. Just on the opposite side of your body.

Your chest is primarily involved in almost all pressing movements. The back is primarily involved in almost all pulling movements.

So we can take these opposing natures further by applying the same muscle building hack for training chest and simply reversing it for training back.

The Wide Back Muscle Building Hack

This muscle building hack can be performed for any compound back exercises.

Just like when training chest I had mentioned applying slight inward pressure (horizontal adduction) to improve activation of the pecs. When training back, you want to apply slight outward pressure (horizontal abduction). Do it in order to improve the activation of your lats and mid back muscles.

Next time you perform a compound back exercise, whether it’s barbell rows, deadlifts, pull ups, lat pulldown, etc. apply about ¼ of your strength of outward force. Almost as if you were trying to slightly stretch the bar apart.

Putting It All Together

To get the most effective back training workout possible for building that wide back, combine this outward pressure with the idea of pulling through your elbows. You will end up minimizing the amount of limiting biceps involvement. In addition, you will be maximizing your lat and mid-back muscle activation to the highest extent possible.

Try this out next time you train back and I know you’ll feel the difference. Then you’ll be well on your way to getting stuck in door frames everywhere you go!

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