Lifestyle Motivation and Why It Won’t Get You Results


Motivation is that excitement that gets you started, that feeling that gets you all pumped up to chase your goals, but like all things, it doesn’t last forever.

That’s when most people give up.

Having no motivation makes it hard to choose doing the right thing. You can just go hang out with friends instead or watch tv, it’s ok if you skip one workout or go out to eat some food instead of following your macros for the day.

That’s when your discipline starts getting weaker. The more you take the easy route the harder it becomes to have discipline.

Soon you will forget why you even started and go back to old habits, feeling the same, unmotivated by not seeing results, giving in to the little temptations that you know very well do not serve you in reaching your vision.

Once motivation fades, dedication to your goal and the vision you chase will be the systems that truly determine the extent of your results. Following a plan rather than sporadic effort always yields better results in the case of physical transformation.

If you are truly dedicated to making a change then you should have a plan to execute, not just a vague goal.

It’s been my experience that following steps already laid out is tenfold easier than trying to come up with a plan on the spotĀ  (leave that part to a professional).

A plan that tells you what to do and when. Simply eating healthy if you want to lose weight won’t work. Everybody has different caloric requirements and activity levels. Without a plan it’s a guessing game, without a plan as soon as you have cravings or feel tired, you resort to the easy path; UberEats, the bag of chips in the pantry, those crunchy chocolate chip cookies staring back at you from the cookie jar.

Do you think my success came by chance? By putting effort into something only when I felt motivated?

NO, my success came from consistency.

No matter how many motivational videos you watch or how pumped you are to go after your goals, nothing will change unless you take action. Get out of your comfort zone and stick to a plan long enough that the little mundane things become a habit, because habits determine what you do and what you do determines the results you will have!


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