Exercise Man’s Pursuit of the Golden Ratio

the golden ratio

For men, it’s best to have a shoulder and waist measurement that is in proportion to the golden ratio!

What is the ideal male body?

Any guy that has pursued a fitness lifestyle has thought about this to some degree, but how to we measure success?

In this writer’s opinion, for men, it’s best to have a shoulder and waist measurement that is in proportion to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is 1:1.618, and is used in architecture, graphic design (like my company’s logo), and found naturally in the world around us in waves, rose pedals, and even in humans.

Here are the body measurements to strive for in each body part circumference, plus what those measurements are for an average height man (5’10).

  • Waist: 45-47% of Height, so 31.5-33″
  • Shoulders: 1.618 x Waist, so 51-53″
  • Chest: 10-12″ larger than Waist, so 42-45″
  • Arm, Calf, and Neck: 0.5 x Waist, so 15.5-16.5″
  • Legs and Hips are typically not as scrutinized, but the 23-25″ for legs and 38-40″ for hips are reasonable numbers to hit.  Do not skip lower body.

You measure the waist around the belly button, shoulders around the tops of the armpits, chest around the nipples. The arm measurement is flexed. And the neck, calf, leg, and hip are around the thickest point.

And what about bodyweight?

Steve Reeves, an old-school bodybuilder known for his proportionate physique, had his “base” model at 6′ 200. So for each inch above or below that height, you can add/subtract 5-6 pounds.  Our average height example would be somewhere in the high 188-190 lbs in this case. That said, we care more about the measurements here, so whatever weight you are with those measurements is fine.

This type of physique is achievable naturally after years of dedicated strength training and diet/conditioning to stay lean. Regardless of whether or not you ever reach those numbers, simply moving in that direction will be a plus for both health and attractiveness alike.

Personally, I have not yet hit the golden ratio – currently 1.59. But am getting closer a couple months at a time. Another 9 months of consistent and safe progression to avoid injury and I think I’ll be there.

For a program tailored to achieving this physique, consider training with me and we can get you headed in that direction. Thanks for reading!

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