Exercise Mainstream Fitness Mistake

At some point, you’ve made a mistake and you’ve blindly undertaken a popular training program without a clue as to its validity.

Admit it

When I was a lot younger, I did it too. We think because something is out there on paper or the Internet – especially if it’s coupled with photos of well-built physical specimens who supposedly used that program – it must be effective, right? Not necessarily.

Mainstream Fitness Mistake

This is one mistake many of us make

This is one mistake many of us make or have made when it comes to physical training – just going with the latest trend because everyone is doing it. We’re human! We all screw up from time to time. But your goal should be to minimize mistakes and learn from the missteps you do take. If you make the wrong decision, then correct it and move forward.

Blindly following a mainstream training program is one common mistake and the biggest is repeating a program that you think worked, when all actuality, it didn’t work! It failed you or you wouldn’t be getting ready to repeat that program for the 2nd time.

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