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Maximizing Muscle: The Latest Research on Protein and Post-Exercise Nutrition

16 Jan 2024

In the ever-evolving world of fitness and health, protein’s role has always been central, particularly in its contribution to muscle recovery and growth. Conventional wisdom has long suggested a moderate intake of protein post-exercise. However, recent research in sports nutrition brings new insights, challenging these longstanding dietary norms and inviting us to reconsider our approach […]

The Science Behind Nutrient Timing

24 May 2023

Get ready to wind the gears of knowledge as we delve into another insightful analysis of the scientific evidence behind nutrient timing for hypertrophy and strength. Picture this: after hitting a plateau in training, you’ve reached out to fellow gym-goers who drop hints that missing your post-workout protein shakes might be throwing off your muscle […]

The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

15 May 2023

The Science (a review) The General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS), originally proposed by Hans Selye in 1938, has been widely accepted as a theoretical framework for understanding stress and adaptation in the field of sport and exercise science. However, debates among researchers, coaches, and personal trainers have questioned the validity of using GAS as a guide […]

Running on Empty-The Science Behind Fasted Cardio

15 May 2023

Discover the insightful analysis and practical implications of fasted cardio for fat loss in part two of my ongoing series on fitness and nutrition literature. Summer is approaching, and the desire to achieve a ripped physique for beach season, like the temperature, is rising. Among the various fitness strategies, fasted cardio has gained popularity as […]

Capsaicin. Hot Sauce as a Pre-Workout?

10 May 2023

The Science (a review) Strength sports, particularly CrossFit, require high physical endurance across anaerobic and aerobic domains. Better performance is associated with higher lean body mass and peak anaerobic/aerobic capacity (1). Athletes use legal supplements like protein, caffeine, creatine, multivitamins, and testosterone boosters to gain a competitive edge. Also, new compounds are continually sought after […]