Nutrition 6 Low-Calorie Foods You Can Eat

It’s all about choosing the right low-calorie foods that make you feel fullVegetables are very low in calories.

You should never eat till you full, because different foods effect your hunger and fullness levels.

Here is why: for example, 300 calories of chicken breast could make you feel full, but consuming 600 calories of cake may take the same time to have the same effect of fullness.

Here are 6 great low-calorie foods you can eat without getting fat:

  • Vegetables (THE BEST)
    Vegetables are high in water and fiber, which will keep you full for longer. Vegetables are very low in calories. Increasing your vegetable consumption will decrease your calorie intake.
  • Eggs
    Eggs are a great source of nutrients, including high-quality protein.
  • Oats
    Oats is high in fiber and soaks up water, which makes it really filling. It’s a lot more filling than breakfast cereals and full of great nutrients. Oats may help you eat less throughout the day.
  • Legumes
    Legumes are high in protein and fiber, which make them very filling. They are also relatively low in calories, which makes them a perfect choice for weight loss.
  • Apples
    Apples are high in water and soluble fiber, but low in calories. Eating whole, solid apples may help you consume fewer calories throughout the day.
  • Fish
    Fish is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which can increase fullness. Fish may also be more filling than other types of protein such as chicken and beef.

Enjoy all these foods without worrying to much that they could potentially make you fat!


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