Exercise Lift Your Way to the Body of Your Dreams

lift weights

Many women fear to lift weights. I also used to fear the unknown of lifting weights. It’s just like anything else we have never done before – we don’t know the results, so we may have some fears about it. I used to believe, wholeheartedly, that running 10 miles a day would produce the result I wanted-but was I ever wrong.

The two main fears I believe women face about lifting weights are:

1) I will get too big or manly looking

2) I will gain weight instead of losing weight.

Both of the above fears are completely wrong – they are fears, and that is all.

When I started consistently lifting weights about six years ago, I stepped into a world of the unknown. Before that time, I spent years running, hoping I could shape my body into what I wanted it to be. Taking a flying leap into the world of lifting weights instead has provided me with the following benefits:

  1. My confidence has sky-rocketed-not only in the way I look (that’s such a small part at the end of the day) but my knowledge of health and fitness, my ability to teach others, the list goes on and on

  2. My body is exactly the shape I want it to be. I have muscle tone where I want it, and yet I still look very feminine

  3. I am happier. Exercise provides dopamine shots, and you will be happier the more consistently you exercise- and lifting weights provides so much more variety

  4. I am smarter – learning a whole new skill is no easy feat! I have to keep up on reading about it, putting it into action- and not to mention remembering how to count

All in all, lifting weights really has no negative side unless you decide to start taking testosterone shots, well then that’s a whole different story. I would not recommend doing that.

I challenge you to take a leap into your own version of the unknown – challenge yourself by at least trying the weights at the gym. Also, I know it’s intimidating, and you think everyone is watching you – but they’re not – and if they are – who cares. Flex those biceps, do a little dance and smile.

I have an 8-week program where I teach women how to lift weights, right along with proper meal planning. Check it out here.

All the best! Happy lifting!

Chenelle Staub, MS RDN, CPT, SNS
Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer
Chenelle Coaching Nutrition And Fitness



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