Lifestyle The Life Skills Only Fitness Can Develop

Fitness and the nature of it brings a lot of transferable life skills which to be honest guys, I never really noticed until recently. Let’s get into it.

Now let’s get this straight. I’m no life guru!

I’m 20 years old and have no way near as much life experience as others. But one thing I do know for sure is that fitness doesn’t just bring about the well known physical benefits. Have any thoughts yourself? Comment down below with how fitness has helped you in ways other than the literal physical benefits, I’d love to hear!

The Life Skills Only Fitness Can Develop

It gives you something to work towards

Whether you’re aware of doing this or not, you’re setting yourself goals. Whether you want to put on more muscle or lose weight you are setting yourself a goal and the act of doing that becomes a habit not just in fitness.Now of course I’m sure everyone has something to work towards in other areas of their life, but I just think that fitness enhances that even more. It makes you aware of the steps you have to take to get, for example, bigger arms or a flatter stomach which can easily be transferred into something else such as a job you want or a certain grade.

Promotes organisation/structure/schedule

You know those training splits you’ve heard of? Chest, shoulders and triceps one day, legs another and back with biceps on another day? This training schedule just screams organisation and a sort of schedule without you even realizing it. Now fair enough some people might be more spontaneous with other areas of their life but with training, if you want to see progress a schedule similar to this is needed. So due to the fact that you have this schedule with your training again it can easily transfer over into study habits, social life habits or whatever is important to you.

Increases persistence and motivation

As bad as it sounds, if you think about it when you’re training and each time you do a set you are failing. You are able to do a certain amount of reps before you can no longer lift the weight and have to stop. You repeat this over and over again for different muscle groups week in week out.

But you know what? You get better every single time!

You still have to stop, but you’re lifting heavier weight or doing more reps. Do you see what I’m trying to get at? This very quickly becomes a habit that can so easily benefit other areas of your life. This might include initially not doing well on an exam but then getting a better score when you do a re-sit or not giving up if you don’t pass a job interview.

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