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when you know better

“When you know better, you do better.”

This simple sentence is one of the most important words that I learned from one of my teachers at a respected PT education system. During the learning period, which was both intense and incredibly educational, we had one teacher, Espen Arntzen, the founder of the Academy For Personal Training, who repeatedly said those words.

Obviously, it’s easy enough to apply to the training field; exercise technique, nutrition, program design, marketing and sales, and so on. You learn new things; you use them, you get results.

But what struck me the most, is that deep underneath, the real message wasn’t only about the practical aspect of training, and being a personal trainer. It was about being a real human.

When you know better, you do better.

It’s about looking at other people and trying to understand their thoughts and actions, and instead of judging them, you get to know why.

It’s about noticing things in the office that needs to be fixed, or taken care of, and doing it without being asked… Because you can.

It’s about picking up the trash from the streets, even when no one’s watching… Because you can.

It’s about the small things, the details of the world, which might seem unimaginably small, but are the things that make the biggest impact. Not only for those around you, but for yourself as a human.

So I urge you to take those simple words and adapt them to your life. Give them a meaning which resonates with your values.

Because when you know better, you can do better…

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