NutritionWellness Is Stress Eating Real? Tips to Combat Emotional Eating

Stress eating is real but it doesn’t have to control you!


Feeling blue and suddenly that bag of chips is calling your name? You’re not alone. Stress eating, or emotional eating, is more common than you’d think. Let’s unravel the why’s and how’s, and most importantly, explore ways to manage it.

What is Stress Eating?

It’s simple: stress eating is consuming food In response to emotions rather than hunger. Often, the foods chosen are high in sugar, fat, and calories. Think comfort food but without the comfort in the long run.

The Emotional Triggers

The triggers can vary from person to person, but common ones include stress (obviously), boredom, loneliness, and even happiness. The point is, emotions are driving the bus, not your stomach.

Why Does It Happen?

Blame it on cortisol, the stress hormone. When stress strikes, cortisol levels spike, and that often prompts cravings for unhealthy foods. These foods temporarily boost serotonin levels, making us feel better for a short while.

Identifying the Signs

The key to combating stress eating is recognizing it. If you find yourself in the kitchen without really knowing why, or if you’re eating but not tasting, you might be stress eating.

Practical Tips

  1. Pause and Reflect: Before reaching for that snack, pause. Are you really hungry?
  2. Find Alternatives: If it’s stress, could a quick walk or a few deep breaths serve as better coping mechanisms?
  3. Hydrate: Sometimes, thirst masquerades as hunger. Try drinking water first.
  4. Seek Support: Talk it out with a friend, family member, or even a professional.

Small Steps, Big Impact

Changing emotional eating habits won’t happen overnight, but small changes can have a significant impact. Monitoring triggers and finding healthier coping mechanisms can make a world of difference.

Final Thoughts

Stress eating is real, but it doesn’t have to control you. With awareness and practical steps, you can break free from the emotional grip that often drives us to the snack aisle.

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