Exercise Is It Magic or Is It Science?

Magic Science

Is It Magic or Is It Science?

Have you noticed your body therapist asks “magic” questions when you mention a pain in a part of your body? It might go something like this:

Client: “My wrist has been hurting.”
Therapist: “Hmmm. Did something happen or was this gradual/woke up with it?”
Client: “I don’t know. I started noticing it the other day.”
Therapist: “Ok. Tell me more. Any arm pain, back pain, tightness when taking deep breaths?”
Client: “Well my allergies are have been acting up. It’s been harder to take deep breaths. I feel a little stiff.”

The therapist then proceeds to work on the thoracic spine and the wrist pain disappears!
What is this crazy voodoo? Have you stumbled across a wizard? Probably not. More likely, you have found a movement specialist or bodywork therapist that understands how the body works together as a whole and what actions might cause a chain reaction to other areas of the body. Truly, you have found a great detective!

The truth is we still don’t know in its entirety how the body works.

The science is still evolving rapidly on fascia tissue, meridian lines, proprioception, and other body theories. What we “knew” 10 years ago has evolved into what we “know” today and will most likely look entirely different in how we approach 10 years from now.

With that said, there is a lot of great information available today to approach the body in a whole-body approach instead of chopping it into pieces. If the therapist above just avoided using the wrist in the client’s session would the problem be solved? Of course not! If the therapist recommended some stretches for the wrist could it have solved the problem? Temporarily it may. When we ask more questions is it probable there is more to the story and the wrist is the symptom most obvious? Definitely! Pain should always be acknowledged and then investigated, but the larger issue seems to be stemming from the thoracic spine. I would guess it became easier to breathe after the work was done as well!

It’s not magic (do not tell my son – he 100% believes mommy is magic!), it’s science. The body moves and lives in patterns. Once we identify the patterns or correct the faulty patterns, the body begins to move with grace and fluidity.

Move better, feel better.

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