Exercise How Tracking Your Workouts Sets You Up For Success

tracking your workouts

The biggest misconception about fitness is that weight loss HAS to be the goal. It is pushed on us at a young age – thank you social media, weight loss companies, magazine covers. I thought that thin with curves was what defined a woman and 8 packs and biceps are deemed desirable for men. 

If I could only lose 5 more pounds…

Why was that my goal? Why wasn’t it to be happy within my body? Was 5 pounds really going to make me happy? 

At Attainable Health and Fitness, we strive to make your goals achievable. Not by spending hours at the gym, or drastic lifestyle changes, but by making small changes one step at a time. Tracking workouts, meals, and photos of yourself will help you track your progress, keep you consistent, and help keep you motivated when you don’t feel you have the time to workout.

Shortcuts and harsh diets can make us fall out of love with the process, but we want you to fall in love with fitness.

That is why I have chosen Trainerize to help Attainable Health and Fitness help you.

5 ways that tracking your workouts sets you up for success:

  1. Tracking your workouts allows you to monitor your progress and set achievable goals. You can easily see how far you have come since you started working out and set your sights on a new goal. Photos make the biggest impact! Even if you don’t want to see yourself now, in two months you will be happy you took the picture today.
  2. Tracking your workouts can help you stay motivated. Seeing your progress can help you stay committed to reaching your goals.
  3. Tracking your workouts will also help you identify which exercises are helping you the most allowing us to tailor your fitness program to fit your needs.
  4. Tracking your workouts can also help you identify any weak spots you may have. We can troubleshoot these as they come up through messaging and video calling.
  5. Tracking your workouts help you stay accountable to yourself. It can help you stay on track and avoid falling off the wagon. This accountability and motivation will take you farther than self-discipline will.
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