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Are you tired of waking up and not feeling inspired, happy, and motivated?

Well, today I’m going to teach you about how to start your day on a positive note. The first thing I do when I open my eyes and get up in the morning say thank you. Personally I say thank you God, however simply stating your thankfulness initially upon awakening impresses your subconscious mind.

Some may ask to thank you for what?

Thank you for opening my eyes, thank you for another day on earth, or could be thank you for another opportunity to change who I am and to finally live the life I’ve always dreamt of. Once you start to look at things this way from your perspective your life will start to change. Every day is a new opportunity to better yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Your future self will thank you because the sooner you begin personal development and take action towards being the best that you can be, The more you will grow.

The next way I’m going to tell you how I wake up on a positive note as I get up in the mirror and smile. Somethings so simple as smiling for no reason offers a sense of relief and enlightens your mind. this technique was one I did not find through research, I found through my own trivial experiences. I started smiling in the morning because I wanted to work on my smile. I knew that if I give attention to any area consistently, it will see improvement even the slightest. It all started when I began competing. I wanted to practice my smile because I knew what would it do to my overall stage presence.

Once I started practicing smiling upon awakening or even before going to sleep, it was a part of my routine. It wasn’t until I stopped practicing this that I noticed my overall interview wasn’t as positive and happy. Something so simple as smiling could really change the outcome of your day

The third and final simple way to wake up on a positive note is by saying an affirmation within the first five minutes of being awake. I complete my affirmations in a specific manner. I like to look at myself in the eyes because feel deep into actually what I’m saying. It allows me to feel really experience what I’m saying when I see it from my heart. When you learn to see things from your heart they come from your true inner being and soul.

For example, the affirmation I sent this morning: I am so happy and grateful to be able to grow my knowledge and capabilities to the best of my ability on a day-to-day basis. I am able to become anything set my mind to and simply have to allow, take action, and be patient.

With each three techniques and truly accomplish anything you set your mind to. Break down your goal and simplistic terms and include it in your affirmation. Watch how much it inspires you when you’re saying this in the morning. Especially when it pertains to your personal goal, motivates you inspires in more than you would ever imagine. It allows you to see that future self that you know you’re capable of becoming. The one you may be scared of sometimes, not due to fear. But due to hesitation to be the best we can be.

There are a lot of times in the human mind that it plays tricks on you. It tells you things that are not true. And forces you to believe things that make you feel way more dramatically than what the actual reality is. We know we all have to do deep in our hearts accomplishing. The only one that can make you be the best that you can be, is yourself.

Today and every day I would like to challenge you to start your day on a positive note. Also, experiment with ending your day watch wake up in the morning simply because you are logged in mind to rest while sleeping. Your mind will rest better knowing that it was left off. Positivity is about feeling a sense of relief and increased vibration.

When you feel that sense of relief and increased vibration, you know that what you’re attempting to accomplish is actually working. Start your day positively and ended positively and watch your life transform before your eyes

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