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The psychology of a competitor is extremely important to say the least.

One of the downfalls of being in a caloric deficit is our brain and body tells us it wants one thing, however that one thing completely sways an individual away from their goals. In advertently if the person gives in to their cravings, they are only lowering their self-confidence as well.

When you tell yourself you’re going to do something, and you follow through with it, it builds a wall of confidence. As we continue to grow through prep mentally and physically, the battle can either get better or worse.

Personally, your attitude is one of the most important aspects throughout the bodybuilding prep itself.

One moment we believe we are ready to get on stage now and the next moment we believe we may never be ready. The life of a competitor is constantly a mental battle. There will be times you want to quit and give up because of the mind confusion. The mind plays tricks on you when you’re trying to stick and adhere to your goals.

For instance, while doing cardio you are continuously look at the timer and wish it would end.

We contemplate stopping, consistently we have that thought, when will this end? And that’s when the question of is it worth it? Just depends on the individual.

Thousands of people every year claim they will compete in a bodybuilding show. Does that mean everyone ends up competing? Absolutely not. My first competition there were 10 people in the gym that planned I’m going through with it. There was only one person out of the 10 that ended up competing, and that was me. If you let things get in the way of your priorities, you will never end up where are you set your goals to be.

In order to do some thing you’ve never done, you have to make sacrifices and do things you’ve never done. It’s kind of like reaching a new level on a video game. You have to dig deep during training, cardio, eating, and last but not least recovery. If you’re not recovering at a good rate, this could be from lack of sleep.

At some point during your prep, you will realize that you learn to do the things that are necessary because if you don’t, you’re the only one to blame. There is going to be late nights, early mornings, and plenty of trips to the grocery store and gym.

Bodybuilding taught me that if I give my all, my limitations are boundless.

If you want to be the best you can be on that stage, you have to find your why deep down in your soul. You have to expect to be hungry, especially being in a deficit for weeks at a time. Someone that has competed in a bodybuilding show knows all the work that is necessary to bring your best package.

A lot of people I know have aspirations to compete in bodybuilding show. However they simply don’t prioritize eating enough. Eating six meals a day, drinking 2 gallons of water, doing 30 minutes of cardio, it all takes time throughout the day. It’s similar to a part time job. Notice how I didn’t mention weight lifting?!Because that’s the fun of it! If you don’t enjoy lifting weights, competing may not be the best option for you.

I know plenty of people who go to the gym six days a week for 10 years and look the exact same because they never changed their nutrition regimen. Some know they’re capable of more, however others know they enjoy training and like to leave it at that.

Nutrition and bodybuilding go together hand-in-hand. Attempting to do a bodybuilding show and neglecting your nutrition is like taking a test and failing to study.

Prioritize your nutrition, and your journey will be prosperous.

Once you realize that temptations are everlasting, you begin to except and get used to turning things down. Because when you’re turning a food source down you’re saying yes to your goals which makes you stronger in regards to overall well-being. My favorite statement to say when I am feeling like I want to cheat or eat something unhealthy, ”the food that I’m sacrificing and not eating now, will always be there after I accomplish my goal”

I’ll think about that. Your grandma‘s dish, the dessert out to eat, the piece of cake your friend offers you, and last but not least the beer or shot that someone offers you at the bar. Most people are not willing to say no when someone offers them a food or drink because they find it to be rude and impolite. On the other hand if you explain to the person that you have a goal to accomplish and it is much more important than the temporary satisfaction, they should understand and if they do not then that is their own problem.

The stronger you are throughout this prep, the more strength that you will have with self-discipline in the future. Discipline is power, remember that.

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