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When it comes to a new fitness and health program, the key is: start small!

When it comes to starting a new fitness and health program, few actually follow it long enough to see the results. Unfortunately, the average time to see great results is dramatically underestimated. With all the misinformation on how much weight you can lose in a short timeframe or the new “miracle” whatever product, it is understandable how fitness facts and fiction can leave people frustrated.

So how can you make the changes to improve your health, lose body fat, and feel great? I can tell you that the answer isn’t in some fad diet or special weight-lifting routine. The answer is quite simple actually and the answer is just: start small. That’s right! Starting small is the key weight-loss and health hack you’ve been looking for!  

When people start a new fitness routine, the typical thought is “I am going to the gym every single day for 1-2 hours, I’m only going to eat healthy foods and never go out, etc. etc.” That’s too much even for people with a high degree of fitness. More than likely the new fitness program will fall off in a week and you will be back to square one. This vicious cycle will not only lead to frustration but can result in even more weight gain due to increased stress and  increased eating “post-diet.” 

What’s the correct way to lose weight?

That’s right, start small. Add a 20-minute walk 2-3 times per week or go to the gym once or twice a week. Understand that losing weight is way more than just losing the actual weight. You need to take into account what you like to do, how it makes you feel, and decide if it will be something you can do consistently. If not, then that isn’t the right fit for you and it’s best to move on to the next idea.

It is about creating a sustainable lifestyle change that will keep you healthy as possible and build the self-esteem and confidence you will need to continually progress. 

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