Exercise How to Overcome Anxiety in the Gym

Anxiety in the Gym

This is a topic I’m sure a lot of you can relate too. This all goes back to self-limiting beliefs we have about ourselves that create insecurities and fear within our own minds. It’s easy to fill such thoughts when the anxiety kicks in as you walk into a gym and there are half-naked women there with a few who have rock solid bodies. Or for you guys, it could be the lack of confidence to work out next to someone who has more muscle than they do and a body you have dreamt of having. All of these fears and insecurities are mind-made and have no life outside your own imagination.

Feed your mind with positive thoughts every day.

Hire a good coach or trainer to be by your side while you’re at the gym. Someone who can help you regain self-confidence by believing in you, guiding and educating you on this new journey. Training in a group setting with other men or women who have similar goals so you can become a family motivating and keeping each other accountable every day. It is limitless to the number of things we all can do to reduce anxiety when going to the gym.

The most important thing is to be consistent when going, the more consistent you are meaning every day doing the things that are taking you to your fitness goals will only get you there that much faster. Consistency is crucial in building self-confidence while in the gym. Research, educate, reach out to others who have overcome what your battling every day and together you will overcome all challenges and you will fight to crush your goals so you can live your life in the body you dream of.

Bodybuilding is about so much more than building muscle. It’s about turning a lifetime of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and fear of life into strength and muscle. It’s a piece of art on a living canvas, crafted out of our life’s journey from the moment of birth. Its developing longevity, freedom, and understanding the beauty of our humanity encompassing Mind Muscle, Physical Muscle, and Life Muscle. Bodybuilding means something different to everyone in their own unique journey, but this is what it means to me.

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