Wellness Is Self-Doubt Killing Your Goals and Dreams?


How limiting beliefs and self-doubt almost killed me, and what I did to overcome them. 

It wasn’t all that long ago that I lived in an alternate reality. One filled with negative limiting beliefs that dictated my entire existence. The human mind can’t distinguish between what is reality and what isn’t. There wasn’t a day that went by where I woke up and went to bed with tragically debilitating thoughts about myself, life. I questioned my very existence every day.

I used to tell myself the universe would be better off if I didn’t exist. As I made myself believe that I was nothing more than an epic failure in this game of life and everyone would benefit more if I was no longer around. Even my own children. I have struggled with mindset, emotional, and physical pain for 30 years too long. 

I was abused as a young girl stripped away from my childhood and robbed of my space (The Second Shakra) that I didn’t think belonged to me. And I spent the early part of my life from age 6 until about 10, in and an unhealthy nightmare of sexual and emotional abuse. Living in constant negativity and the unknown from day to day if I was going succumb to more abuse, I developed self-doubt from an early age.

I thought this was the normal way of life because I didn’t know there to be any other way.

I had dreams as a child of success in my chosen field. The dreams, however, were shrouded by the dark internal enemy

They deserved a better parent, leader, and guide. I truly convinced myself that I wasn’t capable of being that person due to a lifetime of negativity and negative thoughts. This life long nightmare I put myself through stemmed from a childhood horror story I lived in every day.

When you are emotionally and physically abused for so long you start to believe that you deserve to be treated this way because someone in this universe is punishing you for being alive. The beauty of this world becomes dark and sinister, lonely and cold.

The color of nature turns black and all living things turn into thorns ready to pierce through your heart if you get too close. Every breath I took was another moment closer to physical death, however, I felt dead inside already. The power of our thoughts and beliefs will either give way for us to live, or they will lead to the ultimate demise. 

So what’s next?

How can you overcome this and self-doubt so you can live the life of your dreams? In order to overcome this, you need to dig deep into what has happened in your life that created these dangerous thoughts about yourself. You must get rid of surface-level thinking and get to the core of who you are. 

Have an open mind to new emotions and feelings that will come up going through this discovery process. Know that the deeper you go to get to the root of the problem the better chance of great success in overcoming it. Nothing great in life is ever going to be easy. The easy button will only destroy you more and more every day. 

If you can change your thinking you can change your life. Well, how do you change your thinking? It the same as changing your body. You change what feeds, and how you work your body. The same is for your thoughts. You can change your thinking by changing what you feed your mind with. Feed it with positive affirmations and beliefs. 

Feed it with new knowledge of self-development. If you learn how to change, you will change. Grow yourself by learning more. If you can change your day with consistent positive thoughts, you can change your entire life. 

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