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Motivated in Isolation

How to Get Motivated in Isolation

Yes the goal post has changed and we cannot access our fitness facility, gym, or usual way of getting fit. Let’s face it, we need to adapt to this new way or we will go backward. Firstly, we must accept why we get motivated in normal training sessions.

There are usually 3 main factors: we have a routine, we have structure and we have a training environment away from work and home we love to train. All those 3 are obsolete for now so what do we do?

Do we do nothing and sit it out for anywhere from 3 to 6 months and risk not re-starting the engines for another 6 months? 12 months is a long time inactive. This may mean increased stress, blood pressure, cholesterol, increase body fat, a huge % drop in strength, weaker bones, lower energy, more fatigue, and many other factors for why we actually train.

That is the negative what can happen if we don’t adopt a new attitude. On the flip-side, we can make do with what we have got, nail our discipline, focus on nutrition, mindset, and well being and then come out the other side feeling great and ready to launch into your normal training routine when we get the all-clear.

Anyway, let’s go back to the factors that drive us in normal life and sponge what we can out of these factors plus re-invent ourselves and think differently. Let’s face it, if we think the same, we will get frustrated and not gain motivation in Isolation.


This usually works for most people even with shift workers. Eg. you may have had a great routine such as get up early and train, go home and make lunches or do the washing, etc. So how can we create a new routine that can get momentum?

Simple: set a time of the day similar to what you previously executed and commit to that time. Even if you drop your workout time to 30 mins and even 3-4 sessions per week instead of 5. This will still create a routine.


You must have a plan. If there is no plan, it simply won’t happen. Eg, if you have a plan such as nailing a certain 9 exercises in a certain time that are all set up, then it will more than likely happen. All you need to discipline to complete as this is your time.

A plan must be defined to the minute and you must understand the plan to execute it.

Training Environment

This will not be the same as going to your gym or studio, seeing your motivated trainer, interacting with your fellow members, and having a great training experience. However, we need to plan the best environment we can in the circumstances.

Can you do your workout with a friend via zoom or alike yourself? Can you deck out an area of your house? Or can you invest in some more equipment to give you more flex with exercises? Can you involve other family members if available? Can you put a Boom box or some music solution to create an atmosphere? Also, can you get support from your fitness mentors, trainers, or alike?

In short, can you make an area of your house, a unit that is suitable to train?

Lastly, these are 3 characteristics that you can simulate to the best of your capability, and don’t be afraid to think outside the square. Eg. can you fill out a 3-liter empty milk bottle of water for some exercises? Do you have any old pavers? Do you have any buckets you can fill up with rocks or whatever? There is so much we can actually do without having a full-on gym set up. We just need to get creative.

Massive good luck as you aim to come out the other side of isolation motivated and ready to go to the next level. Please hit me up for any help in any way as we have plenty of experience in executing all types of plans.

Ben Fletcher

Founder – LTYB – Listen To Your Body Bundoora

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