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5 things can you do to create your personal “bunker” of well-being

Do you have the weight of the world on your back?

We all go through periods of our life where it feels like someone or something or lots of “someones” or “somethings” are weighing us down! What do we do? Wait for the shit storm to pass or set up a personal “bunker” by establishing positivity and resilience to help us deal with life’s challenging times?

What 5 things can you do to create your personal bunker?

1. Get sufficient sleep

No one can manage stress in a state of sleep deprivation.

2. Exercise

I know, I know… sometimes the shit storm comes from having too much on your plate so why put one more thing into the mix. Well, because even 30 minutes of exercise has enormous health benefits, produces endorphins (natural painkillers), improves the ability to sleep, lowers symptoms associated with depression and anxiety, and the list goes on. Can you afford NOT to exercise?

3. Prioritize

This is a HUGE one for me. I tend to toss too many sticks in the fire and then wonder why the forest is ablaze. Last year I started sitting down on Sunday nights, or a specific day of the week that made sense for me, and set my top 4-5 priorities for THAT week. With that habit in place, I could focus on one big task at a time and actually complete it before moving on.

4. Step away

Yes, you could work through lunch and then eat at your desk with zero awareness and do caffeine shots until the bell rings to maximize your time and get more done… OR you could take a short walk at lunchtime and have a light meal. Preferably someplace away from your desk and then return refreshed and actually accomplish more than you would have grinding away without providing your mind and your body with a “reset.”

5. Embrace the power of positivity

Easier said than done when you are carrying the weight of the world but these little steps can help:

  • Listen to at least 1-3 personal growth audios a week. You can do this on your commute, while cleaning, getting ready for work, or working out
  • Have a mantra for the week based on the priorities that you set
  • Eliminate negative people when possible
  • Surround yourself with people who have a similar mindset, similar goals, and lift you up…not bring you down. If you are overweight and unhealthy and all your friends and family are overweight and unhealthy, you will likely NEVER adopt a lifestyle that allows you to be fulfilled, confident, and fit inside and out.
  • Meditate if even for 5 minutes per day. There are different forms of meditation. Choose one that best fits YOU!
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