Trainers How did my online client Nerie impress the trainers at her gym?

I’ve been training Nerie for about six months now – completely online. She has made so much progress without ever being in the same room as me.

Full disclosure: when I launched the online component to my personal training business, I worried about not making an impact the way I do with in-person clients. Nerie has completely proved me wrong. With my guidance and her hard work and dedication, she has kicked sooooooo much ass and I love watching her get stronger and stronger.  The trainers at her gym have noticed her consistency and constantly approach her to see if they can work with her. My client inspiring other trainers? I love that reversal so, so much.

More about Nerie and her program in her own words:

Why did you start your program?

I needed something to motivate me to go back to the gym. There is nothing like paying a monthly fee for service that you do not use! I also felt that when I did go to the gym I was unsure about what to do or try, so that would lead me to stick to the same machine workouts. While I cannot afford an in-person, personal trainer, I did feel that this was such a great option to hold me accountable in my workouts and to try something new in general.

What were your goals and why were they important to you?

My primary goals were to get to the gym more often, to feel stronger and gain endurance. I wanted to get back to the gym because aside from paying for a membership that I was not using, I needed an outlet to reduce stress caused by work. Being able to take time for myself and allow myself to do something to help manage my stress is very important.

Outside of work, I am also a part of a Mexican Folkloric dance group and whenever we would have a break between seasons I would lose all endurance. I would not feel strong enough to do choreography in the first class back! Being able to stick with this program has helped me be an even better dancer.

How is working with Anna different than working by yourself?

Creativity! This is something that I lack when it comes to working out and going to the gym. I easily get overwhelmed with the endless amounts of equipment that can be used. Anna’s workouts have made the experience fun and challenging for me. These workouts have also taught me the myriad ways equipment can be used.

How hard was the program to follow?

The program isn’t hard to follow at all. There are videos to guide you on how to do specific workouts in case you aren’t sure. Also, Anna is very helpful and available if you have any questions regarding any of the instructions provided.

What’s been your favorite part of participating in your program?

The entire experience has been positive for me that I cannot pinpoint just one thing that would be considered my favorite part. I feel stronger, I feel more confident, I’ve met new people and have changed my environment. This to me is more than enough to continue each month and to keep me motivated!


I have LOVED working with Nerie and am so grateful that she chose me to guide her to a healthier, stronger, and more confident stage of her life.

If you want to follow Nerie (catch her workout stories) on Instagram, check her out here!

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