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How Alcohol Affects Training

Yep, it’s summer and you have countless bbq’s, parties and vacations to attend. Social functions often lead the majority of us to indulge in unhealthy foods and alcohol. I have found myself being almost too perfect on weekdays and once Friday rolls around, I get loosey goosey with my food choices.

Captain obvious alert

Alcohol is full of empty calories = 0 dense nutrition. Empty calories (alcohol) are the first fuel to be used when combined with carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, postponing the fat-burning process and contributing to greater fat storage.

The calories & lack of nutrients in alcohol deter a healthy metabolism to function properly and will cause the body to stop burning fat. The calories found in the average alcoholic drink are very concentrated compared to many foods, and this actually causes one to inadvertently take in many more calories than would otherwise be ingested.

If you use anything other than water, club soda or diet soda as a mixer that is additional calories and carbs. Wine and beer both have high carbohydrate content. Although the effects these various calorie types have on the body are different. Carbohydrates release insulin, which can hasten fat storage, while fats will be stored directly in the fat cells. The overall result is added body fat.

Alcohol also slows down your metabolism which causes further fat storage and can disrupt the muscle building process.

Other negative effects of alcohol:

  • Lowers inhibitions, making you more susceptible to overeating or eating unhealthy foods
  • Increases appetite
  • Can damage the stomach, kidneys, and liver (when they aren’t doing their job properly, this can also lead to fat storage)
  • Lowers testosterone
  • And when you are hungover you aren’t typically motivated to work out

Here are some nutrition fact examples of drinks:

  • 4 oz. red wine 85 calories 2 carbs (varies)
  • 4 oz white wine75 calories 3 carbs (varies)
  • 1 oz. vodka 64 calories 0 carbs
  • 1 oz. whiskey 71 calories 0 carbs
  • Or 1 oz. tequila 62 calories 0 carbs

So think about this after you have put in all of your hard work and effort.

What is your drink of choice or is it worth it to you?

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