Exercise Why Should I train with Sandbags?

Why Should I train with Sandbags

Why Sandbag Training?

First, I think it’s fun and it’s different than using more commonly used resistance tools like barbells, med balls, and free weights.

Secondly, I’ve recently added sandbag training to my client routines and they love it! I’ve become very familiar with sandbag training in my group fitness classes at formula3 in Lafayette, CA.

Certainly, the shifting weight and form of a sandbag are key factors in getting the body to synergistically work as one whole unit.  In other words, this means the body becomes more efficient and stronger. Think of it as a full body workout, which depends on where you place the sandbag while emphasizing a specific muscle group.

The body adapts and recruits muscles to coordinate movements in functional movement patterns, and because of the constantly shifting weight in the sandbag, the entire body must work to perform any standard sandbag movement.

Shifting the load means that the hips, core, upper and lower body must work collectively to stabilize any load. This produces amazing strength in these areas, but more importantly, the body gets stronger in positions and ponds of motions that will experience in everyday life.

The awkward and non-conforming nature of sandbags is an example of what a person will pick up, carry, or put down in the real world outside of the gym. For example: carrying grocery bags, packing or unpacking the car, carrying children, etc.

From my personal experience, I’ve never been so sore after a full body USB workout. I’m a veteran fitness enthusiast. I tried all kinds of workouts, tools, and gadgets. I’m floored by the effective way the sandbag really challenges my muscles.

Principles of progress in Sandbag Training:

Level 1

Stable body position/stable load position/stable implement (ex: Goblet Squat)

Level 2

Stable Body Position/Unstable Load Position/Stable Implement (ex: S/A suitcase squat)

Level 3

Stable body Position/Stable/unstable Load Position/Unstable Implement (ex: sandbag deadlift)

Level 4

Unstable Body Position/Stable Load Position/Stable Implement (ex: Split Squat)

Level 5

Unstable Body Position/ Untsable /Stable Load Position/Unstable Implement (ex: S/A Racked Knee Drop Lunge

Level 6

Unstable Body Position/Unstable/ Stable Load Position/Unstable Implement (ex: Rotational lunge)

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