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I’ll be the first to admit that it can be a challenge to stick to a healthy and balanced diet when traveling.  That being said, with a little preparation and A LOT of will power it can be done!

When building this list I had 3 requirements that had to be met to be considered “travel-friendly”.

  • First and foremost, the foods had to be easily portable (not too bulky) this is, after all, a travel-friendly list.
  • Secondly, they should require minimal preparation. Most of these foods require no cooking or eating utensils (there are a few exceptions).
  • Lastly, they should not require refrigeration. The reason for this is because porting around a cooler everywhere you go is less than convenient, and ideally these foods would be kept in a travel bag ahead of time ready for you to grab and go when it’s time to hit the road.

I’m sure there are other options that could be added to this list so I’d love to hear what everyone’s favorite on-the-go snacks are.


  1. Fruits. Fruits make the top of this list because they are all natural.  There are many fruits that are easily portable such as bananas, apples, and oranges.
  1. Rice cakes. Rice cakes are minimally processed making them a great carb snack that requires no refrigeration and easily fits in a small travel bag.
  1. Oatmeal. Ok, oatmeal requires a little preparation, so if a microwave is not accessible where you’re traveling then nix this from the list.  Otherwise, it makes for a great breakfast especially if you add in your favorite fruit or a scoop of whey protein for added flavor.
  1. Ready Rice. As I mentioned before, I made some exceptions.  Like oatmeal, ready rice also requires a microwave to prepare, but other than that it’s great for traveling as you can eat it right out of the bag once it’s heated up.  Plus there are so many flavors to choose from that it’ll never get old.


  1. Jerky. The only caution with jerky is that it often contains a fairly high amount of sugar.  So be sure to check labels.  I’ve found several that contain 6 grams or less which isn’t too bad.
  1. Pure Protein Bar. There are several great options for protein bars out there, but Pure Protein makes the top of my list because it’s low in sugar, high in protein, fairly cheap, and doesn’t taste like leather.
  1. Whey Protein Powder. Whey proteins are great because when stored in a ziplock baggie they are easily portable and only require water to mix.  My top choice for whey protein is Gold Standard for their many great flavors and excellent dissolvability.
  1. Tuna Packets. If you’ve never tried the flavored Tuna Creations, you’re missing out.  These things taste great, contain minimal carbs and fat, and come in many flavors.  Plus they don’t need to be refrigerated and can be eaten straight out of the package.


  1. Nuts. Nuts are an obvious choice as they are natural, easily portable, and require no refrigeration or preparation.
  1. Nut Butters. If you didn’t know, there are now travel packets of various nut butter that you can buy and stash away in your travel bag.  Who doesn’t love a spoon full of peanut butter?!
  1. Cheese. If your thinking, “wait, cheese needs to be refrigerated”, I thought the same thing before adding it to the list.  But after a quick google search, hard cheeses such as cheddar don’t require refrigeration.  They do however last longer when stored in a fridge so I wouldn’t recommend leaving this in your travel bag very long.
  1. Avocado. Did you know avocados are actually a fruit?!  So like I mentioned before, these are easily portable, completely natural, and contain healthy fats.  They can also be eaten right out of the skin, so no preparation required!

So there you have it! Now grab a bag, stock it full of your favorite healthy travel-friendly snacks and the next time you hit the road, just grab and go! 

No more excuses for chips, candy bars, greasy fast food and or gas station burritos!

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