Wellness Happy New Year: 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

It’s New Year’s Eve, 6 pm and I’m here, writing this blog for all those people who may not feel so motivated over the next 24-48 hours, as I prepare to head out myself and you decide on that gym membership you’ve been dreading, not knowing where to start!

Happy New Year: 2017 Your Best Year Yet!

Exercising, Eating Well and Living Well is a choice made by you!

It’s not a fad, a trend, although it’s great to see the whole world getting in on it. It is a daily choice to look after the body you were given.  You didn’t pay for it, so it would be a wise choice to take responsibility for it as it’s your only one (until they really do invent replacement organs and limbs haha).

It’s more than what you say, post on Instagram or talk about at dinner on Friday night.  You’re bringing sustenance to your life, pro-longing and building a body that will endure and last further than the average. You also become a positive role model to those around you, so make every workout count.

It’s daunting, it’s challenging and it comes with an un-opened can of beans (insecurities, unknown injuries and a whole lot of unwanted and unnecessary aches from muscles you didn’t know existed). But it’s all part of the process and, before you know, you’ll be the annoying avid  gym goer getting everyone on the gym fix!

Let me tell you it’s the first step to victory because you won when you made the choice and you cross the line every time you set foot in the gym, and make that ‘option’ in the kitchen.

Be consistent, keep it real, stay disciplined, be accountable, don’t compare! It’s OK to ask for help! Remember, just be you because there isn’t anyone like you!

Peace and Happy New Year – See you in the gym!


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