Lifestyle Habits Change in a Weight Loss Journey

habits change

Habits change and enjoying the small gains as they come is foolproof.

Keto, Paleo, Low carb, Intermittent fasting… What do they all have in common? Methods that people use to lose weight. Often in a short period of time.

Do they work?

Sure. For the most part. Anything that alters your caloric intake will have an impact on your body one way or the other.

Is it sustainable in the long run?

Again, for some people… possibly. I’ve seen more people gain the weight back than keeping it off for good. What I have found that is practically foolproof is habits change work. Changing your habits is slow steady work. Often up and down and usually uncomfortable. But practically foolproof. I say that from my own experience.

I’ve been in the fitness game as an athlete and trainer for over 30 years. I’ve tried and seen everything. Habits change and enjoying the small gains as they come is foolproof. However, it’s not easy. It requires dedication, discipline, and, most importantly, consistency. ¬†Ups and downs in weight loss, energy levels, and training sessions are a part of the fitness lifestyle.

You do not have to be “on it” 100% of the time. Adhering to your plan at least 50% of the time will yield results. And that is what is important. Losing 20 pounds in one month is crazy. If you are cutting weight as a fighter or competitive bodybuilder your journey to your ideal weight will often start 3 months out. They stay diligent and have a whole team behind them and still it is tough. There is so much misinformation out there I don’t want to add to it by inundating the reader with more.

A few things ring true in my almost 30 years of training myself and others. Burn more calories than you take in. Period. You can’t lose fat in certain areas of the body only. It happens all over. That six-pack is the last to appear. There is a reason why a lot of actors are posed from their shoulders or chest up. You want a six-pack… don’t want flabby arms… lift heavy, eat well, listen to your body and you will be on the right path. It’s not easy but the journey is worth it. It has to become a habit. A way of life. A lifestyle. Enjoy the journey. Start small. Gain Big.


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