Lifestyle Gym Insecurities: Part 1 – Six tips to get you started

As a personal trainer at a commercial gym, I see a lot of things or let’s say behaviours that are related to gym insecurities. I would like to share my thoughts and advice in a 3 part series.

Gym Insecurities Part 1- Six tips to get you started

The series will be for the gym newbie, let’s say and as you go forth with “The Force,” I will be that Jedi guiding you from the distance. Remain calm young Padawan, I got your back! So let’s jump right into it, and not have you all wait any longer.

As a gym newbie, you are probably getting your fitness information from already fit individuals who are all greased up and look fabulous. Well, I’m not knocking those folks at all; however make sure you don’t gather the wrong information from individuals who will mislead you for the all mighty dollar. The only thing that will make your secure will be correct information on how to approach the gym and training. Oh, you guys are still waiting. Okay let’s get to it!

As a trainer, I have noticed a few things that will make your first training experience hell. You will be looking for Jason from Friday the 13th, and hearing chchch ahahah. You can get away from Jason by following the tips listed below. 

Here are my tips to overcome the gym insecurities:

  1.  When planning your fitness journey remember that it is yours. Of course you want to make sure your form is right and you know what muscle groups your are working that day; or what your fitness goal is for that day period.  
  2. Know the gym equipment. Most gyms have an orientation for their members. That way you will feel comfortable knowing what equipment you will need to use and most importantly, how to use it.
  3. Ask if your gym has a free fitness assessment. If you are new to fitness, it is beneficial to your workout that you find out where you stand physically. Don’t be intimidated. The trainers are there to help you and want to. Even if they don’t, they get paid to help you so there is a vested interest in the improvement of your health. If your gym does not provide a free assessment or orientation, find another gym.  
  4. Be honest during your assessment. The trainer needs to know what your body has been through. If you have any injuries, restrictions, and so forth. There may be some exercises that you cannot perform due to those injuries or restrictions. In that case, your trainer will know how to modify and or replace that exercise.
  5. Don’t rely on you tube as a personal trainer. Some of us, depending on fitness level, and knowledge coupled with experience can pick out the bad advise from the good advise. Be leary of anyone saying that this is easy. What you don’t want to do is get to the gym and find out that the exercise is too advanced for your fitness level.
  6. Lastly, remember that this journey adds value to your health, and enjoyment in life. Do not go to the gym with vanity on your mind. That is not what true fitness is about. True fitness is about testing your limits on any fitness level. Testing yourself and then being proud for trying and or passing your limits. It’s okay to fail and try again and that is what true fitness is about.

Understand what your gym insecurities before going. Why? Because bringing the insecurities with you will certainly sabotage your experience. Wear what you are comfortable with and do not be concerned about how you look in them. That is not what you there for. It doesn’t matter if the shirt you wear to the gym has holes in it. Your concern is to make sure that shirt is soaked with sweat when you leave. Period.

Part two will discuss insecure behaviours I observe while working in a commercial gym.

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