Exercise Why Flexibility is So Important

Have you ever seen people so bendy that you just can’t comprehend how they even got to that level? Have you ever wondered what those same people use their flexibility for and what you would do with it if you possessed it? If you answered yes then you are in the right place!

Why Flexibility is So Important

Sexual Attraction

Have you ever seen a potential partner showing off great flexibility and you think to yourself, “Damn that must be a fun time!”. Haha. Well, the truth is that they’re thinking the same about you when you show off your flexibility! I have seen plenty of relationships become plagued with boredom and infidelity due to inflexible partners not being capable of new experiences and ideas. On the flip side, the most successful relationships are the ones where the couples continuously grow and become more flexible with one another’s desires and needs on a daily basis.

Whether it’s new fun in the bedroom with new angles and new abilities, or just being open to each others’ wide variety of ideas in this lifetime, flexibility is power, and that same power can help keep your life happier on ALL levels.

Why is outside of the bedroom so important for flexibility?

The amount of hours we spend outside of the bedroom or outside of ‘adult fun’ , far exceed the hours we spend inside the bedroom. What you are doing with your time outside of the bedroom directly impacts what goes on inside it. You are directly responsible for making your wildest of dreams come true in this life and with a partner who also understands this, comes unstoppable growth!

Failed relationships hit a breaking point, a point where the combined ’bending’ capacity of the two officially runs out and the relationship just can’t bend anymore, so it breaks. This is a very important learning experience to pay attention to in life.

However, with a life of flexibility and expansion, you will both be able to bend further than you ever have before without breaking, and you will hit spots that you never even knew existed! No pun intended 🙂

If you do what you have always done, you will receive what you always have.

Sounds like a broken record right? If you keep repeating the same acts, you will keep receiving the same results. Flexibility is about expanding those acts and those thoughts to new heights and new plateaus that will once again be conquered by a never ending cycle of flexibility and expansion!

Flexibility can honestly be considered as your potential or ‘capability’ in this life. Wonderful news is that with practice, comes improvement! All new experiences have a learning curve, but you are NEVER too old to stretch or to accept new ideas.

Look at our current world, what exists right now was not capable before, so we had to have flexible thinkers and doers reach outside of the box and create their dreams. You too create your vision of your standards!

I don’t know about you guys, but I want to see every learning experience this world has to offer for growth, and as I continuously improve my physical and psychological flexibility, I continuously experience new growth!

Now, go stretch and think about being more flexible with your partner or future partner! 🙂

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