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Finding Your Starting Line

Let’s be honest with ourselves. What happens most of the time when you set a new fitness goal? You get a game plan going and it does not stick long term.

You feel like a failure. You get down on yourself and you give up.

The reasons are the reasons. They don’t even matter! What matters is you still want something different. You want to feel better about yourself and more confident. You want to look a certain way, perform better or be healthier, etc

I am here to tell you it is way easier than what you think it is!

Since we are being honest, I have been training clients in person and online for over 15 years and all clients that reached their goals and had long term results had one thing in common:


There are several other factors that we will discuss but this one tops the list by far. When you train hard (to your fitness level) and watch what you eat on a consistent basis you see results.

So, how long does it take if you are consistent? The timeline of when you will see those results vary depending on:

  • how long it has been since you have been moderately active?
  • how long were you active at that time?
  • how long it has been since you have been at a healthy body fat percentage?
  • how long were you at the healthy body fat percentage?
  • how closely you follow a healthy diet
  • how much effort and intensity you put in your time at the gym

For instance: If you weigh 165 pounds with a body fat of 30%, you are 30 years old, never been active (no sports, etc) your whole life and have been at the same body fat percentage for 10 years then it is a lot different than someone that weighs 140 pounds with a body fat of 24%, 30 years old and has not worked out for 6 months because of an injury but other than that, has been active ever since they can remember. Both have the same goal to lose weight and be 20% body fat; see where I am going.

You see, everyone starts at a different starting line!

Be fair to yourself. It isn’t fair to compare yourself to the above scenario. You can not erase 10 years of damage in 1 month. Consistency over time will get you there.

Nutrition Tip

For the first two weeks of dieting. Find out your current daily caloric intake by calculating your daily caloric intake for 5 days. Be sure to only eat when you are hungry and eat what you normally would eat.

No cheating, log it.

Add the 5 days up then divide by 5. This is your caloric intake.

From here you have options.

For the next 2 weeks either take away no more than 200 calories a day whether you workout or not, take away 250 calories a day away on non-workout days (according to program) and eat for maintenance on workout days, or eat for maintenance both weeks but eat a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner every day. Other than that, eat whatever you want but stay under or at your daily caloric intake for maintenance.

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