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Finding Motivation for Home Workouts

With gyms being closed and at home workouts being heavily promoted online are you really working out? It’s easy to get caught watching fitness videos online weather it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, etc.

There’s plenty of content out there and a lot of it’s even free! Finding workouts to do at home is easy, it’s finding the motivation & consistency to do them, that’s hard.

Watching and liking fitness videos doesn’t actually count, half-ass doing them doesn’t count either. You have to really put a little more effort into the at-home workout to get the results you want. I’ve put together some tips if you need them, to start on your At Home Fitness Journey.

Schedule It

Just like you would plan to go to the gym or go to a class, schedule a time that you plan to workout. By making a schedule it’s holding you accountable. Put it in your calendar as you would anything important because this is important! Maybe before you get the kids up, or after they go to bed any time that works best for you!

Have A Plan

Know the workout before you start. If you don’t have a plan for your workout before you start it’s easy to get distracted. You don’t want to get started than start scrolling looking for a workout you fall right into the trap, 30 minutes goes by and you’re off schedule. P.L.A.Y.Fit Lab has shared a two-week program to follow along.

Create Space

Not everyone has a home gym, or even a large space to work out so you have to work with what you got. If you have to move a coffee table or a couch for your workout, add it in as part of your warm-up and start moving! You should think about needing the size of a mat and a little more space around it.

Get Dressed

If you look good, it really can help you feel good or at least want to feel good. Change out of your pajamas/ house clothes and get dressed as of you were going to the gym. It can help you change your mindset, it can help motivate and remind you that you have something to do. Dress for Success!

Ignore the haters in the house

Some of us have people in the house that look at us funny when working out or make jokes, ignore them. They should be working out with you. Remember this is about you for you, stay focused on your goals even at home.

Although we’re all in this tough situation, your fitness goals don’t have to be compromised. Think of it as having more time to workout. You don’t have to make time to go to the gym you just have to do it. Follow the steps: schedule it, plan it, create a space, dress up, and do the work.


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