Exercise Fastest Way to a Tone Midsection

Fastest Way to a Tone Midsection

Let’s face it, this is the one area that most people want to tone. Losing inches in your midsection is important to not only looking better esthetically but being healthier. Those that retain more inches in their midsection are at higher risk of the following health-related issues:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Heart disease
  3. High Cholesterol
  4. Fatigue syndrome
  5. Back pain

So what works from an exercise standpoint? “Keep in mind diet plays a significant role.” In this article, we are only addressing exercises and activities.

First and foremost get moving. Walking is the best start for those that are currently sedentary. Start with a daily step goal.  Walking is a low impact means of movement that will start to stimulate calorie burn.

Let’s dive into the no BS abdominal routine you should try. Crunches and sit-ups I found ironically are the most synonymous movements people try. They also are the least effective.

I suggest the following first:

  1. “Time-based” planks High or Low version, advanced can use weights
  2. Weighted side bends
  3. Weighted bridges
  4. Leg lifts
  5. Core activation squeezes
  6. Jump rope
  7. Straight leg circle rotations, clockwise/counterclockwise
  8. Superman’s
  9. Tabletops

A huge misconception is that doing weight-based movements will make your waste thicker. It frankly makes your abs pop and look sleeker and tone. I suggest incorporating weighted core movements as a part of your routine.

Make sure you allot time for core activities every workout. Don’t skip them. Another method is on your off day of say multi-compounded exercises do cardio/core day. I have found that targeting core very workout is the most effective and yields the greatest overall results.

Lastly, make sure you know how to activate your core muscles. Learning to squeeze them is a must for results. What I tell my clients is pretend your pinching a quarter with your glutes then find your naval. Place your finger on it and vacuum/suck it in. “Like you’re trying to squeeze into some skinny jeans!” Learning to activate your core throughout the day can help strengthen and tighten your stomach muscles. It will also cut down on injuries and get you to your goal faster!

For proven fitness methods to jump-start your workouts, feel free to connect with me. My approach is the no bs way to getting and staying in shape. Stop wasting your time on programs that don’t yield results, it’s time your routine started working for you!

Don Cardona

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