Exercise Exercise is Not a Punishment, It’s a Privilege


Please don’t buy into the cultural idea that “working out” is something miserable you’re obligated to white knuckle through solely because you are unhappy with your pants size.

Exercise is not a punishment.

Nor is it a begrudging burden.

Or something that should be driven by guilt and shame.

It’s not to be used to “work off” indulgences or castigate ourselves for eating.

And we should never use it to “earn” our food.

Fitness is a privilege, a reward and something to be infinitely grateful for. You don’t have to workout – you get to workout.  You get the opportunity to get strong, fit and seek your potential.

Our bodies are meant to move. Our brains thrive off movement, and our lives are meant to be lived fully and without limits – not held back because we lack physical capability.

Having bodies that function and move optimally can help us far beyond the walls of the gym and allow us a greater quality of life.

Let’s workout because our bodies deserve the benefit and rewards of movement – something we shouldn’t take for granted.

Because we want to be as strong, confident and as physically independent and capable as we can be.

Because our bodies are tools we use to master our environment – and tools need to be sharpened and maintained.

Because it makes us feel vibrant and fearless.

Because chasing our physical potential offers us purpose and hones our inner grit.

Because you deserve the gift of being fit.

If you only view fitness as an obligation, something you “have to” do, you will forever be falling off the wagon, or starting over again every January 1st, and will never experience the best version of yourself. If you truly want to be fit, use exercise as a means to feel alive, to be MORE, not less.

Use it to fall in love with exploring what your body can do, seeing just how strong you can get, how fast you can run, how high you can jump, how much mind you can put over matter.

Negative impulses, like using exercise as a punishment, may work for a little while, but they are never viable long-term motivators. Choose to seek the positive things that movement has to offer you and you’ll be in it for the long-run.

And always remember, exercise shouldn’t be painful, stressful and exhausting – of course it should challenge you physically and mentally, but in the big picture, it should always be building you up.  Find what you love, what makes you feel alive and revel in your ability to move!

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