Lifestyle Exercise a Catalyst for Change

Exercise a Catalyst for Change

How many times have we all felt our lives falling apart? It usually isn’t in just one area when it happens right? It feels like a metric ton of bricks collapsing on every part of our being at once. Our personal lives are impacting our work and our health. It all seems to be interconnected to an extent, and that’s because it is.

Think about the last time this happened to you, that feeling of dread, of discontent. It’s pretty debilitating, isn’t it? We feel helpless to the event’s that are happening to us and around us that we do what? Stall. Nothing. We sit in our fear and remain stagnant.

Insert exercise day one

You are tired, it hurts, everything about it is entirely new and downright uncomfortable at best, it’s hard in short. But afterwards, you decide that the pain and discomfort are lesser than the pain of not doing anything at all. You have decided and acted in a way of changing your normal mindset and behaviors to change you. You took what was hard and uncomfortable and decided that your growth was more important than staying the same. And you are right!

It is now 8 am and you are heading into an important meeting at work. Your boss is asking you if you wouldn’t mind giving the presentation because an emergency came up and it is all on you today. How do you say no? The old you would have, but you started your day out on a fantastic note, you have already done one thing that you normally would have never done that morning or let alone would have even been awake for.

You keep pushing, you are outside of your comfort zone first with your workout now at work. You think to yourself “How bad could it be I went out of my comfort zone first thing this morning already?” So you stand tall with the confidence you normally lack, because guess what today you feel better so you have no problem with confidence because you aren’t faking it until you make it. The meeting ends and your district manager shakes your hand and commends you for pulling it together last minute. He is impressed with your tenacity and drive. It is 10 am and you are on top of the world.

The meeting has now ended and you return to your desk focused and attentive grabbing a healthier snack choice than your normal candy bar for that “sugar pick me up,” that you normally opt for. No, today is different because well, it already has been, you figure you may as well keep it up right?

So you grab a handful of almonds and an apple and press on

You are feeling amazing you have energy, you have been drinking your water. You think to yourself “Wow, usually I am crashing with a growling stomach right before lunch!” But again today is different. You are focused your blood sugar and mood is balanced and you have gotten so much more done by noon, those expense reports? Done, the memo your secretary sent to you – done, the emails that normally drowned your inbox were answered the first ten minutes you got to work.

Fast forward. 4 pm off work. Normally you are tired by now. So, so tired. Today you feel like actually doing something after work, you pick up your 5 and 7-year old from school and decide you think you will take them to the park and you decideĀ to play with them!

This is the moment that people talk about when that switch is flipped

You are feeling okay enough to actually engage and play with your children. You know that you need to keep this up because they are worth it and to those reading without kids know that you deserve this for you, for your spouse, your pet’s you owe it to yourself first and foremost. This example should ring true to any who has pursued a similar journey whether you feel as if you have failed in the past or not, you know when you feel those hard moments in your health and wellness journey that it is not the end, it is the beginning and one choice can affect the rest of your day and life if you allow it to.

Make the choice, take care of yourself and start a domino effect of a catalyst for positive change in your life with fitness today.

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