Wellness Putting YOU into your Wellness Program

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Fitness is something that is supposed to be positive, fun and exciting right? But when did we forget to incorporate OURSELVES into that lifestyle? Through working with my clients as part of their wellness program and finding one common thread I have noticed something. A general lack of self-confidence and self-appreciation for what our bodies and minds CAN do. So often we focus on what we CANNOT do.

This can leave trainers and clients alike feeling sad, hopeless and defeated. Trainer or client, male or female, at the root, we are all still human trying to do our best while craving connection in a digital world.

So I encourage you, if you are new to your wellness journey, do not forget to put YOU into that plan and voice that to your trainer. And trainers make sure to ask your clients about themselves and vice versa, create CONNECTION. Trainer to the client – and client to trainer. This, in turn, will create a symbiotic relationship of trust, appreciation, and understanding across the board.

I myself enjoy a holistic approach to personal training while working at and also seeing my client’s at a holistic health store called “Healthy Treasures,” I have learned so much from my employer as far as looking at myself and other’s from that holistic view (Energy, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical) we are all WHOLE and should be treated as such and no two people are exactly the same.

When we view other’s like a whole person we can easily appreciate differences and as trainers create an optimal program for that particular individual’s needs, wants and lifestyles and we can get to know our clients as PEOPLE. When people are treated with empathy and heard everyone will reap the benefits.

I even send Christmas cards to my past and the current clients because that trust combined with professionalism is so strong.

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