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Everyone Needs a Guide Sometimes

With the multi-billion dollar fitness and diet industry constantly releasing contradictory and confusing claims, it’s getting more and more difficult to traverse the challenges of getting fit and healthy alone. Everyone has a basic understanding of things like Calories-in and calories-out. This typically serves to create a sense of guilt and feelings of failure. All because, to be honest, not that simple.

Most people have tried and failed more diets and programs that can be counted on both hands.

The result is we begin to feel it isn’t possible for us to lose the weight, gain the muscle tone we desire or get healthier. What every single one of these plans has in common are a one-size-fits-all attitude and a marketing strategy. That places the blame on the dieter when the program inevitably and predictably fails to provide what is promised.

The entire point of any multi-billion dollar industry is to keep you sick. It’s to keep you coming back for more medicine so you can feel better for the short term. When what you actually need is to stop addressing symptoms: temporarily fixing issues, like using a plunger on a clogged toilet. The issue is solved for a short time, but why is the toilet getting clogged in the first place?

What limiting beliefs, subconscious programing, deeply embedded triggers, and habits are involved?

What is the particular needs and function of your body and how do you react to particular foods? The days of do a couple of empty affirmations and call me in the morning are truly over if you know where to look!

Today’s fitness and nutrition professionals are opening their minds and hearts. They are starting to see there is much more to human behavior, success, happiness, health and fitness than previously thought. The mind, body, and spirit must all be working together efficiently for a true state of health to emerge.

Seek out a professional with a solid education that reaches far outside the influence of the diet and fitness industry to truly unleash the potential within your body! No one can do the work for you. But the right guide is essential to get you off the diet cycle that is destroying your confidence, hope, and health all while emptying your bank account. Find a heart-centered leader to push past the profit, promise, fail, blame, shame, repeat cycle.

The road isn’t always easy, but it is possible. With the right guide, the journey is both fun and rewarding each and every step of the way. Not all Trainers are created equal!

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