Lifestyle Embracing the “Uncomfortable Zone”

Let’s face it. Starting something new is scary.

Here is my question concerning the intense dread I experience when Im beginning a new hobby.

” Is there a way to rid myself of the uncomfortable feelings from starting a new venture?”

The short answer.


However, what good is that? There is nothing beneficial from escaping the UNCOMFORTABLE zone.

When we escape the unknown we run away from discovery.

What if you started? You would discover truths about yourself that is good and truths that are not so good.

When I began training for boxing I entered a gym where I believed I was going to be perceived as a prodigy. I was going to blow people away with my natural instincts for fighting.

My imagination told me that I had talent with no experience.

How ridiculous.

When I sparred for the first time a truth came to me that I desperatly needed. ” I didn’t know what I was doing.”

This truth quickly replaced what I imagined about myself and because of it I gained a healthy sense of inadequacy.

After I got my butt handed to me multiple times that day I went into my car and was discouraged from what I discovered.

However, there was a choice to be made.

I could leave that place and never return therefore forfeiting anything I could possibly learn or I could step back into the “uncomfortable zone” and learn how to fight.

I decided to learn.

What I discovered then was my drive to learn out powered my drive to quit.

Embracing the new is scary and that is ok.

Embrace the scary. You will find out in ┬áthe duration of time that it’s

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not so terrifying.

“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems”. – Epictetus

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