Exercise Effective Training Split

We have all heard about training split and changing which days we do what. But for some clients it’s a little confusing when they are starting out.

effective training split

Effective training split

To keep it simple I break down Upper and Lower Body workout days with rest days. So what works best? It’s okay for me as I have been training for many years, a competitor background and working with some pretty awesome and successful athletes so I understand the concept of what works for some may not work for others.

I train 2 Lower Body Sessions per week and 2 Upper Body per week with limited Cardio as I find if I throw in a HIIT workout or a Crossfit WOD or a Functional Movement Workout with Kettlebells or Ropes you really raise the bar on Maximum output in the cardio zone. It’s all about adjustment and making things work for each and every client also,  as they all have different goals and mindsets on what and how they want to train.

This is how I would split my workouts

Mondays I train. Lower Body, hitting my favourite Muscle groups in Legs, Hammies and Gluteus & Core. Tuesdays I train. Upper Body making sure I am training my Chest, Shoulders, Lats, Triceps and Biceps. It really works for me this way and gives me a total workout.

On Wednesdays my sessions are WOD Based with a range of functional equipment. On the Thursdays I go back to training Lower Body, this time focusing on my Squat technique and my Hammies again and not forgetting my Calves and Core. Fridays is Upper Body to round out my week. My next favourite muscle group is my Back. There is nothing nicer then a good strong back on a woman, I love training shoulders so I rep them out also. Not forgetting my Biceps and a little chest to finish off. My weekends are rested with maybe a swim, and I need it and so do you! Take time out when your’re training 5 Days, after all when your giving it your all you need to recover.

So there you have it

Four Days per week resistance training, One day HIIT workout. Weekends relaxing,  swimming and walking.  Feeling strong, toned, increasing my metabolism, burning calories and burning fat. I certainly make sure, every session is 100% and this style of training has worked for me for years so I Love it.

I like to keep things structured and simple. It gets results! No fuss workouts is the key to successful results. I do change things up though from time to time but I always come back to a 12week plan of the training mentioned above.

All this said its time to Split! Stay strong and commit to YOU,  get it done!

Live it, Breathe it, Do it!

What do you think?