Nutrition Eating Isn’t Easy – Stop Complaining About It!

Eating isn’t easy, and if you’re like me then you have dug through the mountain of information that is available to you on the World Wide Web.

Eating Isn’t Easy - Stop Complaining About It!

This is great and all, but the problem becomes what is truth and what is fiction. Should we eat the egg, should we not eat the egg, should we only eat the whites!!! For goodness sake what’s the truth?

Well let’s start with this:

In all of the information that we find, there is some truth to what is being presented. The problem is the bias that people spin on the information. If I am a vegan and the information is pro-vegan than I’m going to champion the information that I like, but I’m probably going to throughout the other information. Now look, I’m not saying people do this on purpose but it is kind of human nature. We have to start by finding what is fact, what has been left out, and what is exaggerated. Yep!! That means we are going to have to do more research and compare.

Don’t only read the good:

During the research we are going to have to read the articles that go against what we want to hear. This will help us understand the other side, but it also helps to look from a different point of view. I can say that I have learned just as much if not more reading about food and nutrition from the other side of the opinion. Now, again we have to remember the first step because they are writing with the same bias.

Eating Isn’t Easy – Stop Complaining About It!

Eating isn’t easy, but if we take the energy that we waste complaining about how difficult it is. We can focus the energy on being better at it. Just because its hard and difficult doesn’t mean we should give up rather we should take the time to be better at.

Gang it’s a fitness/healthy lifestyle journey! It’s going to take time and effort. But anything worth having is never easy!

What do you think?